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Author Topic: Type sports and regular type cards for sale please see thread :) inc ogdens ect  (Read 1086 times)


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Hi guys
Selling off a few type cards and thought I'd post a list on here, feel free to make me an offer on any of them ,or if you can identify and cards from the description that are marked with a "?" That would be great.
I really hope you can find something you want
I will try and accurately provide a grade but I can send pictures if required

G phillips famous cricketers no 2 (G+) w h ponsford
G phillips cricketers 19c Sandham A (Vg)
Taddy prominent footballers with footnote on bottom of back "F Harrison - Fullham " imperial tobacco. ( slight corner stain otherwise vg+)
Wills capstan navy cut cricketers blue back , (g) (???)
Kinnear Jockeys , Watts (fair- good )
Barratt Australian cricketers action series no 3 C G Macartney (g+)
Barratt famous cricketers no 5 A P Freeman (g+)
Barratt test cricketers by EW Swanton (VG)
Barratt football teams 1st division Leicester City (Vg )
GH smithies Preston north end football card with Mercedes Benz on the back ( vg) completely unknown to me ??
2 black and white beauties Morris's cigarettes at bottom , smoke Morris's cigarettes and Morris's gold seals backs , unknown to me ??
Morris's cigarettes boer war Rt Hon Cecil Rhodes (poor to fair )
Ogdens beauty PC inset blue back no name or number (fair to good )
Wills ships dark back ( g+)
Empire games and test teams BA Barnett no 45 cricket (g++)
2 leaf gum tiny circular pictures of football players (VG) unknown ??
Frys scout series no14 tree felling (g)
Frys cartets tricks and puzzles no 40 (Vg)
Fry film stars no 29 Fay Wray (vg)
Frys time and money no 26 India (exc)
Frys birds ?? Milk vinello chocolate back no 20 Plovers (VG)
Frys fowls pidgeons and dogs no 32 bulldog (exc)
Cadburys colonial premiers series no 3 Dr LS Jameson ( light creasing fair +)
Wizards series British birds and eggs  (vg) but again no idea who issued it
Frys chocolate with captain Scott at the South Pole no 15 (g+)
Hoadleys Victorian footballers no 66 C McSwain (g+), British empire and queens no 19 Richard III (vg) early Australia no 39 (vg)
Trawler cigarettes dirt track riders no 40 Tommy Hatch (fair crease)
Rjhill famous cricketers no 8 APF Chapman (vgc )
G phillips sporting champions no 24 joe Bloomfield (vgc)
Ogdens famous footballers no 43 T Baddeley (vgc)
Quality casket cigarettes pattreiouex FB1-96 -Richardson bury gk saves from Cf fb54 unknown again
Pattreiouex footballer series no 11 RH Pym (vgc)
Smith football club records Norwich City no 37 (vgc)
Wills 1901 cricketer series no 8 Mr G Macregor (g)
Cohen and Weenan football captains no 5 F Thorpe Southampton (ex)
Ogdens football club colours no 25 Tottenham (vgc)
Taddy prominent footballers R Young west ham imperial tobacco (exc)
Taddy prominent footballers S Downing queens park rangers grapnel mixture footnote bottom of back (exc both quality cards )
Cope dogs of the world no 50 esquimo dog (vgc)
Taddy British medals and decorations black back no 25 (g)
Bell Scottish clan series 1 no 23 Ross (G)
Cohen Weenan unknown series general Foch (exc)
Cohen fiscal phrases a bit loafer (g+)
Faulkner hard a port (f paper loss to back )
The popular scotch is black and white whisky no 23 Siam ( vgc)
Fj smith cathedral in city of Mexico (vgc)
Fj smith Phil May sketches no 7 (exc)
Fj smiths medals no 20 waterloo (exc)
Players England naval heroes lt gaunt (f-g)
Salmon and gluckstein the great white city no 15 (exc)
Thomson and porteous the European war series hands across the sea (vgc)
Salmon and gluckstein magical series no 25 (exc)
Wills our gallant grenadiers no 11 (exc)
Wills actresses ?? Brown back (g+-vg)
Wills soldiers of the world Italy (vgc)
Wills locomotive no 7 (exc)
Taddy autographs no 8 (fair crease )
Cope songbirds no 18 (vgc)
BDV semaphore signalling no 4 (vgc)
Taddy honours and ribbons no 18 (fair / good )
Taddy royalty series no 16 ( fair crease across middle )
Copes scout series J (vgc)
Copes 8 of spades dice series ?? ( good crease right corner )
Ogdens miniature card Ida Rene 3 of diamonds (exc)
Adventure story paper S wood WB Albion FC metal card ??? (G)
Tarrab brand rock no 20 elephant seal  ?? ( many pin holes )
Barratt H M Queen of Spain , ?? (Fair creases )
G phillips sports package issue Alan Paterson (exc)
G phillips sports package issues Tony Motram (exc)
Unknown maker English cricketers series of 25 b/w no 23 Hon FSG Calthorpe (vgc)
Adventure series of famous British footballers real photographs W gresswell (exc)
Rover for boys the worlds best cricketers no 12 AC Hurwood (vgc)
Copes slim card Italian Bersaglieri unknown ?? (G)
Barratt and co hand shadowgraphs of the rooster   Wood green London at bottom , plain back , cannot find this in any books and the card I am most intrigued about (g)
Itc canada burdick c90 rb 21/321 ( is this code I haven't got a clue ) 11. Susie Vining
Ogdens guniea golds ( unsure if these are scarce but have interesting bottoms where the writing is 1) joe Elvin , very small card K . s Ranjitsinghi cricketer (exc) , Amy busby written in pencil on back " set 6 no 74a guinea gold type 1897 (exc)
Vanguard photo gallery of 4 football players ?? (Vgc)
Casket long card real photos of famous footballers F185 cookson
Mitchell's prize cropp mr George Alexander (g)
Paultons printing Jr Davidson (G)
Long full photo of Donald cock notts county with the editors compliments (exc) unknown issue
Very thin card of H wilkinson of southport half portrait in pencil on back adventure ZJ5 -31 , 108 known (vg)
Barratt Joan Crawford plain back card (exc)
Adventure British team of footballers with editors compliments F moss (crease )
Boys magazine football series number 1 Blackburn Rovers FC , (exc)
Barratt G brown cricketer hants and England , buy Barratt and cos sherbet novelties , (corner crease)
Sorry for such a long list but hopefully someone can find something they have been looking for, and i thought it would be nice to hopefully get some info on some of the cards I can't place
If you want to talk to me about any cards I'd happily have a chat, feel free to give me a ring on 07949129634


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  • britians .diecast. cigarette & brooke bond cards
  the G.H. Smithies (Preston North End)  /  Mercedes-Benz. sounds  like. d.c. Thomson footballers & motor cars. double-sided

Wizard  British birds and eggs. dc thomson
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always looking for unlisted. brooke bond cards. albums. order forms. canadian dinosaur reprints. spyfile cards


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Ah that's wonderful thank you so much for your help ! The other one I'm really struggling with is a barratt shadowgraphs issue but I can find no mention in the Lccc guide, anyone have any ideas?


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Ah that's wonderful thank you so much for your help ! The other one I'm really struggling with is a barratt shadowgraphs issue but I can find no mention in the Lccc guide, anyone have any ideas?

The card is from Barratt & Co. Shadowgraphs as you have already noted. The series is listed in the Cartophilic Society Trade Handbook. My copy was published in 2006 & it lists 16 known subjects of which yours is one.
There may well have been further subjects added since in updates. 

The slim Cope Bros. card (Italian Bersaglieri) sounds like it's from Uniforms. Series of 25 issued 1898 in both narrow & wide card format.

The Popular Scotch Siam card - Flags, Arms & Types of Nations (R & J Hill)

The Leaf Gum small circular footballers.
Possibly the Leaf World Cup 1990 set (link to the relevant info on Alan's excellent site below):




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