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Author Topic: OGDENS ITEM 97  (Read 345 times)


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« on: November 17, 2017, 02:58:35 PM »
If you are not an Ogdens fan then the reference 97 may be unknown to you. Item or ref. 97 is just that the 97th item in the the Ogdens red book, It is a TAB card, plain back and very thin not often seen in good condition, because of ties thinness and finish, the black borders chip. Unfortunately many collectors of the past have inked the borders in giving the illusion of a better card, mort for profit but to improve the look of their collection.

Have had this series of 300 cards for a long time now only short of one variation,  ALBANY UNITED STATES, spelt correctly. Had not seen this card before albeit known about it, so to me this is a very rare card.

Found the complete first 100 cards including two variation cards one being the one I wanted, I had to pay more than I thought but managed to purchase the lot and add to my collection that long elusive card.

Why just two variations I asked myself so checked all the cards and to my surprise found difference in other cards. The differences were restricted to just positions of words in the caption blocks but still differences.

I then decided to get all my duplicates out and went though them and to my surprised found other cards that were different. There are in my opinion now 4 print runs and may be a few more. What I do not know at the moment is that does the different prints apply to every card in the first 100 cards.
Always looking for interesting cards and associated goods issued by Ogden's you can see samples of cards I am looking for in the wants section.
Best Regards David


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