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Author Topic: Origins of Collecting: From Grisly Relics of Saints to Football Jersey Cards  (Read 514 times)

card renaissance

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Ever wondered about the origins of our obsession with collecting stuff? Who were the first collectors? Well, I've done a 2 min YouTube video on the subject: from the grisly relics of saints through to the jersey cards of famous footballers: https://youtu.be/BwbzRIRh1p4
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Where do you find the time to produce all these videos?  I can't even find the time to mow the lawn.  People certainly collect strange things.  Santiago de Compostella is just down the road and pilgrims are obliged to collect their St, James' scallops.  On the way they can buy plastic virgin Marys in Lourdes.  I guess they keep Saint Bernadette well locked up to stop people pinching her bits.
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card renaissance

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Where do you find the time to produce all these videos?
It is a fun subject, even if a bit creepy in places. YouTube is quite addictive. I've gone for the wild meadow look in my garden. Chris Packham says that long grass is better for the wildlife, which suits me down to the ground.
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