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Author Topic: Did Robert Peacock Gloag invent the cigarette card?  (Read 2337 times)


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Did Robert Peacock Gloag invent the cigarette card?
« on: January 05, 2012, 03:12:47 PM »
An Egyptian artilleryman in the Egyptian/Turkish War is credited with the invention of cigarettes. The Egyptian’s cannon crew at the Siege of Acre improved their rate of fire by rolling gunpowder into paper tubes. They were rewarded for this innovation by being given a pound of tobacco. Unfortunately for them they did not possess any pipes to smoke it so one of them applied their ‘rolling in paper technique’ to the ground up tobacco and the cigarette was born.

This invention rapidly spread amongst both Egyptian and Turkish troops. During the the Crimean War some years later Robert Peacock Gloag, having been Paymaster General to the Turkish Forces, saw the Turks smoking their cigarettes and decided to bring the cigarette back to the UK, opening the country’s first cigarette factory in 1856 to manufacture ‘Sweet Threes’.

Reading an old copy of  Albert’s ‘The Guide to Cigarette Card Collecting’, I came a cross the following statement: “…others believe that Robert Peacock Gloag may have used cigarette cards as early as the Crimea War period”.

Apart from the piece in Albert’s book I can’t find any other evidence to back up the assertion that Gloag included cigarette cards with his products. Does anyone know of any information that might back up this claim?


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